Healthy Snack Ideas from the Supermarket Shelves

Here's an update to the snack post I did a few years ago,. Check out what I'm snacking on these days.

I still keep Babybel cheese in the house, but I've switched from the lowfat to the regular one's, after seeing nutritionist JJ Virgin's PBS special. It reminded me of what I already knew: When they take out the fat, they have replace it with something for flavor -- usually sugar or salt.

I'm also still eating Sabre Roasted Red Pepper Hummus like it's going out of style, but what I eat it WITH has changed. I was swayed by my mother to try WASA crisps. They taste like cardboard by themselves, but that works perfectly if you want to eat something ON them and you don't want to be tempted by having crackers that you actually like eating in the house.

My latest obession is Navitas Organics Citrus Chia Superfood Power Snacks. I've tried other date paste balls and snacks before, and have always been disappointed. But these bad boys are delicious, and I feel good about eating a superfood. A serving is 3 pieces, and I find that that's enough to satisfy my hunger (or my sweet tooth, with 9 grams of natural sugar per serving). I keep a bag at home, and I toss another in my work bag to take to the office every day. The package says I'm getting 5 superfoods in one, so that makes me feel good. According to Amazon, I can crumble these over salads. Hmmm.

On the other end of the spectrum, I tried Trader Joe's Crispy Crunchy Broccoli Florets, which seemed promising as a salty snack. The food industry still has a ways to go on the whole "vegetable chip" thing as far as I'm concerned. My co-worker let me sample some of hers (and Trader Joe's will let you sample it in the store). I have mixed reviews on this one.

I liked it when I sampled it, and it's well-seasoned, but once you eat a handful of them, there's a weird aftertaste. I once tried Trader Joe's Zesty Nacho Kale chips and had a similar experience with the aftertaste. Speaking of kale chips...

Brad's Crunchy Kale, Nasty Hot flavor! Yum!! A friend turned me onto these as we were walking past them in Whole Foods. The hot is not too hot, but it might bother those who can't handle spice at all. They're cheesy (vegan) and have a great, complex flavor. The only thing they don't have is that satisfying crunch. It's more crispy than crunchy. The crunchy kale is the only product I vouch for. I was less than thrilled with Brad's regular kale chips that come in a bag.

The last thing I've added to my snack rotation, ironically, is something to counteract the effects of kale on my hypothyroidism. I eat 3 brazil nuts a day, because they're a good source of selenium. Because of their size, I found them to be substantial enough to tide me over when I want a snack between meals.

 Got any supermarket snack finds to share? Leave a comment.