Diet to Go Review | Please Deliver Me from Bad Diet Food

As my work pants got tighter and tighter, and my work schedule got busier and busier, I realized I needed a fresh food diet plan that worked on autopilot. I wanted grab and go diet meals that I knew were healthy and in proportion so I could just eat without putting too much thought into it. I'll tell you exactly why Diet-to-Go works well for this.

Being on Diet to Go is like having your own personal chef, dietitian, or nutritionist to make sure that every meal you eat is healthy. "Automation" is the key to weight loss (thanks Dr. Oz), and having healthy prepared meals takes the thought out of it, which saves precious time, and gives you peace of mind about what you're eating. I don't have time time to count calories or measure portions, so having it done for me is critical.

Whether you need to control your diet for weight loss or just for health reasons, you can get fresh, healthy meals delivered. No counting calories or points required.

How Diet to Go Works

Diet to Go is available for local pickup in Washington DC, Baltimore, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Philadelphia/South Jersey, and available by mail in the 48 contiguous states.

They offer you a choice of 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner) or 3 meals a day (with breakfast). The 5-day plan leaves you on your own for the weekends, which is a nice little break and convenient if you want to eat out socially. But if you need the strict discipline all week long, you can enroll in the 7-day plan. Diet to Go offers two calorie plans, 1200 calories per day (generally recommended for women) or 1600 calories per day (generally recommended for men, or for women who need to lose more than 50 lbs.). The portion control is done for you.

The menu rotates on a 5-week cycle, and in addition, they have special dinners that you can order on Fridays. You can also "double up" (order extras) on meals you really like. They don't provide snacks in their diet meal plan, but they sell add-on snacks that you can order. They also include all the sauces, condiments, etc.

"What's the Difference Between Diet To Go, Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, etc.?"  

1. No fees, No frills, No contracts, No committments
Diet to Go provides only food. If all you want are healthy meals, and you don't need a whole program with meetings, phone consultations, or any other bells and whistles (or membership fees or contracts), then this is the program for you. They bill you weekly on Mondays, and you can cancel at any time before billing.

2. Fresh Food
Diet to Go meals are prepared fresh weekly and contain no preservatives or added salt. Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem are prepackaged food diets (which means they contain additives and preservatives). (Nutrisystem Select offers a combination of fresh and pre-packaged meals.) I feel like I could get the same thing as Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem by just buying Smart Ones or Healthy Choice frozen dinners at the supermarket. With Diet to Go, you get the experience of having a personal chef cook healthy meals for you.

3. Bi-Weekly Pickup or Weekly Delivery
Diet to Go meals are distributed twice a week for in-person pickup, or delivered once a week by mail, whereas the other programs ship in 2-4 week increments, which doesn't leave much space on your fridge for the rest of your family's food. I personally I don't have the space to store 4 week's worth of frozen meals in my freezer. The bi-weekly pick-up (for local plans) does mean an extra errand -- but it saves you the shipping costs, and for those of us pressed for time, it beats grocery shopping and cooking! * People with dietary restrictions (low fat, low sodium, low carb, vegetarian, diabetic)

* People too busy or too tired to cook but who still want to eat healthy.

* People who want to lose weight without gimmicky crash diets.

* People who don't want to bother counting points, calories, etc. You can easily manage your meal plan and substitutions through your online account. You can change, stop or put the plan on hold at any time as long as you do so by their specified cutoff time.

Diet to Go allows for substitutions for personal preferences or to accommodate allergies, but you have to substitute the WHOLE meal, not just a specific dish in the meal. All substitutions must be made before the week starts. (They process your order on Mondays for the whole week.)

My Own Experience with Diet to Go

I joined Diet to Go when I was working long hours at a stressful job that left me no time to cook or even grocery shop to pack a lunch, and no time to give much thought to what I was eating. I signed up for the Traditional menu, 5-day a week, 2 meals a day, 1200 calorie plan. I figured I could manage a healthy breakfast on my own, but it's lunch and dinner that tripped me up.

Diet to Go's menus run on a 5-week rotation, so you get a nice amount of variety -- although it does get repetitive after a few months of being on it. Still, it's way more variety than I would have if I was cooking all those meals for myself.

I kept detailed notes about which meals I really liked, which ones I wanted to substitute, and which ones I wanted to order extras of. After going through the rotation once, I logged onto my account and entered all my substitutions and extras. (You just have to do it once. Your substitutions and special instructions stay in place until you delete them.)

I was very hungry when I first started my meal plan. It's inevitable when one goes from consuming umpteen extra calories down to the actual amount of calories you're supposed to have in a day. They told me to drink water and snack on fruits, salad, veggies, and nuts to help with the hunger, but your body does eventually adjust to the new calorie level. It took a couple of weeks for me.

There's so much variety that you could stay on the plan long-term if you wanted to. I stayed on it for 4 months just to kick start my diet. I really enjoyed the food -- 95% of it anyway. Once I figured out which dishes to substitute for ones I liked better, I had a healthy, well planned, portion-controlled, and exciting variety of meals waiting for me for lunch and dinner. I live in one of their service areas, so I had the option of local pickup. I know that fore mail delivery, they flash freeze fresh meals and pack them in dry ice, but I can't personally speak to this experience personally.

Bottom line, if you want a diet plan that you don't have to think too much about, with a good (and often great) tasting food, and enough variety to keep you from getting bored, then try this program. If you think you'd like to try it, Diet-to-Go is offering a 15% discount on your first week of meals. You can cancel anytime before they bill for the next week (on Mondays), but once you get accustomed to the convenience, I don't think you'll want to. Click the picture below for the 15% off Diet to Go coupon:

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