Time to Take Your Vitamins

I don't know about you, but I have the darndest time remembering to take my vitamins every day. I've tried everything -- packing them in my lunchbox, setting up Lotus Notes reminders, putting the bottle on my desk, my dresser, my bathroom sink, my coffee table. I've come to the conclusion that visual reminders just don't work for me. I get so used to seeing them that I tune them out.

I recently came across this Daily Medication Manager that I'm going to try. I like that vitamins are WITH the alarm, as opposed to me having to respond to the alarm and then go retrieve the vitamins. I also like that the vitamins are packed for the week (well, 4 days, actually, but that's good enough for the workweek).

I like having the vitamins stored in dosages, but having the dosages all together. I think that seeing the days that I missed (if any) would be motivating. Seeing the whole bottle just doesn't have the same effect.

I also like the idea of being able to set an alarm for a time of my choosing, since I'm not in the habit of working vitamins into my meals. I don't take vitamins with my breakfast, because I'm iron deficient and I usually have coffee in the morning, which inhibits the absorption of the iron from my plus-iron vitamins. Plus, I don't drink with meals (other than the coffee with breakfast), so taking vitamins would be tough. It's best for me to take my vitamins sometime in the afternoon, once I'm done with coffee for the day. But once my day gets going, I usually forget all about them. I'm hoping a medication alarm will help.