Healthy Snack Ideas from the Supermarket Shelves

Here's an update to the snack post I did a few years ago,. Check out what I'm snacking on these days.

I still keep Babybel cheese in the house, but I've switched from the lowfat to the regular one's, after seeing nutritionist JJ Virgin's PBS special. It reminded me of what I already knew: When they take out the fat, they have replace it with something for flavor -- usually sugar or salt.

High Protein Snacks

I'm experimenting with some new diet foods over the summer. They're not really diet foods, but I'm trying to control my insulin spikes. So my new rule is that every carb I eat must have some protein with it. I actually started this BEFORE I saw nutritionist/trainer Mark MacDonald say the exact same thing on Dr. Oz this past week, but it's nice to get confirmation from a professional that I'm doing the right thing.

I have a minor sugar craving -- usually for just a bite of something sweet after a meal, but that's not my major problem. My downfall is chips, crackers, and sunflower seeds. I like crunchy snacks in small pieces that I can mindlessly graze on while I work on the computer, watch TV, etc. Something about the rhythm of picking things up and popping them in my mouth is relaxing to me and helps me concentrate while I work. The sunflower seeds aren't so bad, except for the sodium and the fact that I eat a whole bag in one sitting. But the chips and crackers are pure carbs that my metabolism can't seem to burn off anymore.

I know better than to try a deprivation-based diet. I crave snacks the act of snacking way too much for that. But offsetting the foods and snacks I love with a bite of protein is something I can handle. So, what am I eating for my new protein quest? Here goes:

Diet to Go Review | Please Deliver Me from Bad Diet Food

As my work pants got tighter and tighter, and my work schedule got busier and busier, I realized I needed a fresh food diet plan that worked on autopilot. I wanted grab and go diet meals that I knew were healthy and in proportion so I could just eat without putting too much thought into it. I'll tell you exactly why Diet-to-Go works well for this.

Being on Diet to Go is like having your own personal chef, dietitian, or nutritionist to make sure that every meal you eat is healthy. "Automation" is the key to weight loss (thanks Dr. Oz), and having healthy prepared meals takes the thought out of it, which saves precious time, and gives you peace of mind about what you're eating. I don't have time time to count calories or measure portions, so having it done for me is critical.

Whether you need to control your diet for weight loss or just for health reasons, you can get fresh, healthy meals delivered. No counting calories or points required.

Time to Take Your Vitamins

I don't know about you, but I have the darndest time remembering to take my vitamins every day. I've tried everything -- packing them in my lunchbox, setting up Lotus Notes reminders, putting the bottle on my desk, my dresser, my bathroom sink, my coffee table. I've come to the conclusion that visual reminders just don't work for me. I get so used to seeing them that I tune them out.